How much is enough?

​”How much is enough? An integrated examination of energy security, economic growth and climate change related to hydropower expansion in Brazil.”  By Fernando Prado, Simone Athayde, Joann Mossa, Stephanie Bohlman, Flavia Leite and Anthony Oliver-Smith.  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 53 (2016) 1132–1136.
Reconciling economic growth and energy supply with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other goals for environmental protection is a major challenge for emerging economies such as Brazil. Establishing energy security standards consistent with realistic economic growth projections while considering climate change requires complex calculations and relies upon risky assumptions. Yet, such calculations and decisions must be made to avoid future energy shortages and economic crises. This paper discusses the current dilemma concerning planning and decision-making for the Brazilian electric sector considering the construction of hydroelectric power plants in the Amazon region, energy security requirements, projected economic growth and climate change feedbacks.
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