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Cumulative impacts of hydroelectric dams in the Amazon: far beyond dam sites

The Amazon basin is a complex, coupled human and natural system. National and international sociopolitical and economic interests drive decisions about development in the Amazon affecting its diverse cultures and ecosystem services. With such a complex, internationally important system, how does anyone get a real feel for the scale and complexity of the largest river […]

Connectivity in Geomorphology: A special issue!

As has been well documented in the literature, human activity, such as agriculture, mining and large infrastructure projects, has considerably affected ecological, hydrological and socioeconomic connectivity. In riverine settings, dams drastically interrupt the longitudinal, lateral and vertical connectivity of the water, material and organisms being transferred from one geomorphic compartment to another. While searching the literature […]

Brazil’s XII National Conference on Sediments

For those interested in the hydrology, fluvial geomorphology and sediments of the Amazon Basin, Brazil’s XII National Meeting of Sediments Engineering was the place to be from November 28 – December 2, 2016. The meeting, appropriately named “Amazônia: a nova fronteira para a geração de energia e seus impactos nas descargas sólidas dos rios” (Amazon: […]