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Dams and flooded forests

Often, when we focus on dams and their effects on terrestrial ecosystems, the focus is on deforestation, mainly due to the reservoir creation. This is an important impact of dams, and definitely one that cannot be neglected. But for my PhD research, I keep thinking about the forests that are left behind. The Amazon is […]

A new semester, back to the blog

After most of the summer off and returning to school in the midst of the largest hurricane to hit the Atlantic, we are happy to announce that the Amazon Dams Network blog is back! This semester, we will be featuring some of our previous writers and we will also have some new contributors. It’s my […]

Tropical dams: a green alternative?

In our quest to overcome dependency on greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels, we have been searching for creative ways to provide energy for growing populations. Along with solar, wind, geothermal, and nuclear power, hydroelectric dams show promise in curtailing our need for continuous use of energy sources which emit carbon into our atmosphere. Use of these alternative […]

A new year, a new direction for the Amazon Dams Network/Rede Barragens Amazônicas blog

The new year is a time when people think about the accomplishments of the last year and what progress they will make as they renew themselves. For the Amazon Dams Network/Rede Barragens Amazônicas (ADN/RBA), the last year brought exciting news: we were awarded a grant through the National Science Foundation’s Coupled Natural-Human Research Coordination Networks […]